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Timur Ender Signs Petition to Save Portland Street Response

We love our city and care about everyone who lives here. As community members who support effective community safety interventions that prioritize healing and accountability, highly skilled unarmed first responders like Portland Street Response (PSR) are exactly what we need more of. In spite of PSR’s success, recent Council action has demonstrated a lack of support for the popular program that makes Portland safer for all.

We are asking the Portland City Council to stick to their promise that they would champion and expand Portland Street Response by taking the following action:

  1. End the hiring freeze imposed on Portland Street Response and adequately fund PSR to meet citywide demand 24/7, as promised by City Council.

  2. Remove restrictions on the purchase of life-saving supplies used to provide services, build community trust, and de-escalate 911 calls.

  3. Allow Portland Street Response to respond to more 911 call types, such as appropriate calls inside residences or involving a potential suicide attempt.

  4. Keep Portland Street Response out of enforcement activities.

  5. Establish Portland Street Response as a co-equal branch of our first responder network located within a supportive environment in Portland city government.

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