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Andrea Valderrama, State Rep HD 47

Andrea Valderrama

State Rep HD 47

Ashton Simpson, East County  Metro Councilor

Ashton Simpson

East County

Metro Councilor

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Carmen Rubio

Portland City Comissioner


Danny Cage

MESD School Board Director


Duncan Hwang

Metro Councilor

Eddy Morales, Gresham City Councilor

Eddy Morales

Gresham City Councilor

Erica Fuller, Former Centennial School Board Member

Erica Fuller

Former Centennial School Board Member

Hanna Atenafu, Public Health Advocate

Hanna Atenafu

Public Health Advocate

Jasmine Gordovez, Non Profit Board Member

Jasmine Gordovez

 Non Profit Board Member

Mark Gamba, State Rep HD 41

Mark Gamba

State Rep HD 41

Mark Gonzalez, Past President of The Government Finance Officers of the United States and Canada (GFOA)

Mark Gonzalez

Past President, Government Finance Officers of the United States and Canada (GFOA)

Michael Andersen, Housing Advocate

Michael Andersen

Housing Advocate

Mike Lindberg,  Former City Commissioner

Mike Lindberg

Former City Commissioner


Ricki Ruiz

State Rep HD 50


ShaToyia Bentley

Mt Hood Community College Board Member


Tammy Carpenter

 Beaverton School Board

Vince Jones-Dixon, Gresham City Councilor

Vince Jones-Dixon Gresham City Councilor

Willie Levenson, Willamette River Activist

Willie Levenson

Willamette River Activist

Zach Hudsoon, State Rep HD 49

Zach Hudson

State Rep HD 49


"City hall needs strong leadership from East Portland to address decades of disinvestment and lack of green spaces, housing affordability, traffic crashes, and gun violence. I firmly believe Timur is that leader."

- Ashton Simpson, Metro Councilor

Add your name to the list and endorse Timur today!

Bob Edmiston, Bike and Walking Advocate

Beyhan Kaya, Community Leader

Bryan Lewis, Community Leader

Cigdem Wright, Community Leader

Ebru Guvengir, Community Leader

Ferda Evans, Community Leader

Jasper Brokaw, Community Advocate

Jeremy Van Keuren, Emergency Preparedness Advocate

John Nurse-Mayes, Safe Routes to School Advocate

Jorge Sanchez Bautista, Community Leader

Katherine Wolf, Community Leader

Kristin Ann Tufte, Smart City Advocat

​Michaela Canto, Community Leader

Mike Serritella, Transportation Professional

Ozlen Saglam, Community Leader

Ray Atkinson, Safe Routes to School Advocate

Raphael Haou, Transportation Professional

Recep Ozdag, Community Leader

Umut Matkap, Small Business Owner

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