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I love East Portland and I care deeply about our future. Our new city charter provides us an opportunity to elect leaders focused on listening, solving problems, and ensuring East Portland's future matches up with our goals and values. I'm excited for the opportunity to work collectively to tackle big issues and to ensure that after decades of disinvestment, East Portland gets its fair share of city resources.


I believe in a future where everyone has access to opportunity and the resources to thrive.


For almost a decade, I have had the privilege to work with my neighbors and community members to bring infrastructure investments to East Portland. For me, this community development work has often occurred on the block and neighborhood level. My favorite part of these efforts has always been that people could see the end results of their work, not just in infrastructure on the ground but in the community relationships that were built.

Timur Endur, City Council Candidate for Discrict 1 in Portland Oregon

Donate Now

Our grassroots campaign is powered by community and small donors. 

Our campaign is participating in the City of Portland’s small donor election program. Donations up to $20 are matched 9-1, which means a $20 contribution becomes $200. 


Donations up to $50 may be eligible for the Oregon Political Tax Credit, meaning you can get those funds back at the end of the calendar year. Income qualifications and other limitations may apply; more info can be found here:


If you would like to contribute by check, please make your check payable to "Ender for East Portland" and mail it to:


Ender for East Portland

PO Box 6536 

Portland, OR 97228


Contributions to this campaign are not tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes.

Andrea Valderrama, Timur Ender Supporter and Oregon State Representative

Andrea Valderrama, State Rep HD 47

Ashton Simpson, Metro City Councilor and Timur Ender Supporter

Ashton Simpson East County

Metro Councilor

Eddy Morales, Timur Ender Supporter and Gresham City Councilor

Eddy Morales Gresham City Councilor

Erica Fuller, Timur Ender Supporter and Clark County  Community Engagement and Inclusion Program Assistant

Erica Fuller

Former Centennial School Board Member

Vince Jones-Dixon,  Timur Ender Supporter and Gresham City Councilor

Vince Jones-Dixon Gresham City Councilor

Zach Hudson, Timur Ender Supporter and  Oregon State Representative

Zach Hudsoon

State Rep HD 49

Statements of Support

"City hall needs strong leadership from East Portland to address decades of disinvestment and lack of green spaces, housing affordability, traffic crashes, and gun violence. I firmly believe Timur is that leader."

- Ashton Simpson, Metro Councilor


Get Involved


Community Safety

Across Oregon, the most well-resourced neighborhoods are the safest. I am committed to policies that address root causes, interrupt cycles of violence, and provide neighborhoods with the resources necessary to improve safety and reduce incidents of violence.


Housing First

Housing with wraparound services is the most humane and cost-effective approach to address homelessness. I will elevate policies that prioritize a housing first approach while also working to address the root causes of homelessness.


Health Equity

It is unacceptable that East Portlanders have a life expectancy of 10 years lower than Portlanders living west of I-205.  I am committed to policies and programs that reduce health disparities and increase life expectancy in East Portland. No matter what zip code you live in, everyone deserves access to healthy food, safe neighborhoods, and clean air.

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