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About Timur Ender


Timur (pronounced ti-MOR, like Baltimore) is the son of Turkish immigrants who arrived in the U.S. in search of opportunity. Timur’s parents were able to land on their feet because of programs that provided them with pathways for upward economic mobility. This included immigration legal aid services, financial aid, and access to great public transit.

His parents taught him the importance of being involved in one’s community, servant leadership, and working collaboratively to solve problems. Timur grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina and attended N.C. State University, majoring in criminology.  Drawn to the Pacific Northwest’s natural beauty, he moved to Portland to attend Lewis and Clark. 


Timur’s decision to attend law school was grounded in addressing disparities in health, zoning, and transportation. After graduation, he chose to serve in city government because of its ability to have a meaningful impact on life outcomes for residents. There, he had the privilege of working with business owners, advocacy organizations, and neighbors to ensure city policies, planning efforts, and infrastructure projects met the needs of community members.


These experiences of listening, solving problems, and strengthening connections between people and their government are what drive Timur to serve.


Timur is committed to co-creating thriving environments that center the unique needs of our East Portland communities. 


Timur has been an active volunteer and board member in organizations working to improve health outcomes, park access, community development, and accessibility. 


He and his spouse, Althea, are raising two kids in the Hazelwood neighborhood, just blocks from 122nd Avenue. He can often be found taking his kids to swimming lessons, playing soccer, or at community events.

Community Involvement

Timur is involved in the following East Portland communities:

  • Plaza 122 Community Investment Trust

  • Parkrose High School Lawyer Pen Pal program

  • Neighborhood Emergency Team member with Portland Bureau of Emergency Management (PBEM) 

  • Basic Earthquake Emergency Communication Node volunteer/KJ7SQF

  • Sunday Parkways volunteer

  • Friends of Ventura Park


  • Multnomah County Public Health Advisory Board (2019-2021)

  • Multnomah County Charter Review Commission (2021-2022)

  • Oregon Walks board member (2018-present)

Key Accomplishments

Worked with parents and East Portland school officials to ensure voter-approved Safe Routes to School projects met the needs of our community and provided kids with safe mobility options.

Timur secured a national grant and brought together leaders from city bureaus, healthcare institutions, refugee organizations, neighborhood associations, and Gateway area businesses to improve walking, biking, and transit access in the Gateway District.

Timur worked with a team of experts to convene focus groups at the East Portland Neighborhood Office to hear from small business owners and New Portlanders about public safety, transportation access, and livability in our community. These results were then used to inform investment decisions by city staff to better serve our community.

Timur volunteered with community leaders from the Rosewood Initiative and Portland State University (PSU) urban planning graduate students on a walkability plan focused on the intersection of SE 162nd and Stark. The report, written by PSU students, yielded strategies to improve access to neighborhood parks, placemaking, and community engagement.

Timur represented East Portland on the Multnomah County Charter Review Committee where he pushed for changes to the county charter that would improve transparency and accountability. Almost all of these charter amendments were approved by county voters in November 2022.

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