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“City Hall needs strong leadership from East Portland to address decades of disinvestment and lack of green spaces, housing affordability, traffic crashes, and gun violence.  I firmly believe Timur is that leader.”


Ashton Simpson, District 1 Metro Councilor

“Timur and I worked together on Better Naito. He is a great bridge builder who understands the big picture.”

Mike Lindberg, Former City Commissioner


“Timur knows what it takes to be effective in leadership positions; he’s managed multi-million dollar infrastructure budgets, and helped shape policy in the City’s transportation sector. Working with Timur showed me his skills and resolve.  Over 6 years in public service has prepared him to represent and reach East Portland’s goals, and move our city to restart for success. Experience, Passion and Community are his drivers.”


Marc Gonzales, Past President, Government Finance Officers of the United States and Canada (GFOA)

“I began working with Timur in 2015 to convert the Duckworth Dock to a non-motorized facility for swimmers, fishers, and paddlecraft by adding ladders to the dock. Timur was able to take concrete steps to work with the recreational river access community to make the project a success. Timur has what it takes to imagine a better future and lead us toward that future.”


Willie Levenson, Willamette River Activist

“As a business owner, I’ve appreciated opportunities to work with Timur on accessibility and livability issues. During his time in public service, I could always count on him to collaborate on how to solve issues and work toward a better city.”

Ryan Hashagen, Owner of Icicle Tricycles

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