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Timur Ender Signs No Police Money

The Pledge:

I pledge not to take contributions from police unions or associations, not to seek their endorsement and to publicly reject their independent expenditures. I will instead prioritize the wellbeing and safety of every member of our community.

We must get police money out of our elections! Police union donations are dominating politics, fueling out-of-balance law enforcement budgets and our communities are no safer for it. Those funds come from cutting budgets for libraries, housing, schools, and nonviolent crisis response that doesn’t result in police killing or hurting our family members and neighbors without consequence.

Our communities deserve a better public safety system! That requires candidates who are not afraid to hold police accountable.

We need to know our candidates aren’t in the pockets of police interests. Join us in asking candidates for office to reject campaign contributions, endorsements and other forms of political influence from police unions and associations.

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