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Traffic Safety Pledge for Oregon's Leaders & Decision Makers

 I commit to:

  • Reverse racial inequalities and barriers to safe streets, focusing on marginalized communities that have been disproportionately affected by transportation decisions. 

  • Understand and educate the public about the significance of road fatalities, treating each loss of life with the same concern and outrage as any other type of death in our community.

  • Use precise language that attributes agency and employs the active voice when discussing fatal crashes, emphasizing accountability.

  • Prioritize the safety of all road users over vehicular speed and throughput, reflected in budget allocations, policy decisions, budgets, and spending.

  • Champion measures such as lowering speed limits, enhancing street design and infrastructure (e.g., crosswalks), and limiting parking near intersections, especially in areas with vulnerable users like school zones.

  • Reduce vehicle size - I recognize the correlation between larger vehicle size and road safety issues, and will promote safer, cleaner, and more sustainable transportation options while discouraging heavier, deadlier vehicles.

  • Advocate for equitable traffic laws and enforcement, supporting comprehensive Automated Traffic Enforcement (ATE) initiatives with progressively assessed fines, and dedicating revenues to enhance safety and accessibility in our transportation system.

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