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Episode 11: Timur Ender, District 1 Candidate (Progress Portland)

By Kip S

“I’m not sure if people realize this, but East Portlanders have about 10 years lower life expectancy than the rest of the city. And that’s due to traffic crashes, gun violence, historic disinvestment. And one of the reasons I jumped in this race is this is the first time we will have politically drawn boundaries that are accountable to those health outcomes.”

Kip and Tim welcome Timur Ender to the podcast.

Through his experience working with PBOT and his years of living in Eastside Portland with his family, Timur has an intimate knowledge of the transportation and safety challenges in his district. He is clearly a passionate advocate for his community. Our conversation ranged multiple topics from supporting small business owners to kids having no choice but to walk in ditches along busy thoroughfares, Timur’s year living in Turkey, and defending immigrants along the Texas border. And much more.

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